New R&D Building

New R & D Building

“In recent years Lyne Laboratories has changed its business model from exclusively contract manufacturing as a Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) to both contract services and proprietary generic pharmaceuticals. Lyne’s generics program required the establishment of a new Research & Development Department (R&D), whose staff is currently working in the Company’s existing facility at 10 Burke Drive in Brockton, Massachusetts. As the R&D group expanded, and the number of new projects increased, it became apparent that R&D needed dedicated space. In early 2013 Lyne’s management made the decision to erect a new building on its present campus to house all R&D activity.  In early May construction commenced on Lyne’s new R&D Center.  When completed, it will enable the Company to continue growing its generics program by providing their research scientists with a state-of-the-art laboratory that can accommodate additional staff and expanded capabilities.”

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