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Lyne Laboratories is thinking differently!

Although we continue to manufacture products for others on a contract basis, our present paradigm is to seek relationships and partnerships with other companies to jointly develop and commercialize ANDA drugs. We particularly seek partnerships with those companies that have strong commercial capabilities. It is our experience that such partnerships can play an important role in lowering risk for each partner. We have found that forging partnerships with other companies that have strong commercial capabilities in specific drug categories can create not only a win/win in getting ANDA approvals, but also lead to attractive returns for each partner.

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More About Us:

On a going forward basis, Lyne Laboratories has been investing in establishing a business model that focuses on the development and manufacturing of ANDA drugs as well as on supply chain management. Lyne pursues partners to carry out the launch and commercialization of the ANDA drugs it develops independently or in conjunction with its partners. Lyne’s management is committed fully to this new business model and expects that it offers our company and our partnering companies the opportunity for enhanced financial rewards. The attractiveness of the model is centered on increasing the ROI by dramatically reducing expenses for each partner, which in turn increases shared profits for each partner. When this business model proves to be successful, it results in strong relationships, and encourages additional ventures with the same partners. That is truly a win/win accomplishment.

Lyne Laboratories, with more than 35 years of experience, is a privately held, well established company with a successful history of manufacturing liquid, semi-solid and powder formulations of both prescription and OTC products. In our cGMP and FDA certified 100,000 square foot facilities, our highly skilled staff supports all aspects of drug development and manufacturing services ranging from product formulations, materials procurement, production and packaging to logistics and distribution. We have the capabilities for turn-key product management starting from formula development through stability programs and regulatory filing.

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