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Lyne Laboratories’ compounding and manufacturing capabilities

Compounding and manufacturing of a large variety of formulations is a substantial part of our business.  We are capable of producing both small volume and large volume batch sizes, and we routinely take a drug formulation from product development to commercial manufacturing and packaging.  Lyne’s successful compounding track record is the result of a unique combination of people, equipment and processes.  Our formulation capabilities run from a pilot batch size of 100 liters to a commercial run size of 10,000 liters. Our tanks are equipped to accommodate both heating and cooling processes. Our powder compounding capabilities include blending equipment to handle up to 1000 kg batch sizes.

Our Compounding facility is designed to manufacture:

  •  Liquid dosage forms – including solutions and suspensions
  •  Semi-solids – including ointments, gels and lotions
  •  Solid dosage forms – including powders and capsules
  •  Controlled substances
  •  Products having high alcoholic content

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