Filling and Packaging

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Lyne is prepared to fill and package a variety of dosage forms

A priority for Lyne Laboratories is ensuring that the entire filling and packaging process runs smoothly. Our engineers are involved from start to finish, planning and overseeing every step of the way so that our customers’ precise needs are met.

Our filling and packaging departments are designed to process:

  • Liquid dosage forms
    • Bottling of solutions, lotions and suspensions
    • Fill ranges from 3 ml to 500 ml
    • Speeds up to 225 bottles per minute
  • Semi-solids
    • Tube filling
    • Speeds up to 65 tubes per minute
  • Solid dosage forms
    • Bottling of powders, capsules and tablets
    • Fill ranges from 2 g to 500 g
    • Speeds up to 100 bottles per minute

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