Partnering with Lyne

Consider letting Lyne put its development services and manufacturing expertise to work for you! There is no need to let a business opportunity pass you by when partnering with Lyne can get you to market quickly, efficiently and with complete confidence.

Although we continue to manufacture products on a contract basis, Lyne’s present paradigm is to forge relationships and partnerships with other companies to jointly develop and commercialize ANDA drugs.  We particularly seek partnerships with companies that have strong commercial capabilities in specific drug categories. It is our experience that such partnerships can play an important role in lowering risk for each partner.  Forging these partnerships can create not only a win/win for ANDA approvals, but also lead to attractive returns for each partner.

In addition to our services and expertise, you can count on us for our total commitment to a business partnership.  We’re flexible and responsible – able to adjust our operations to needs and priorities – and have a proven track record, which bears out in the fact that our dedicated staff of professionals can support a myriad of drug projects from early stage development up to and including commercial manufacturing and successful marketing. Therefore, if you have a product or know of a product that can warrant the investment to obtain an ANDA approval, consider contacting Lyne to discuss a business relationship – a relationship that can benefit both your company and our company.


Partnering with Lyne Laboratories allows us to offer our partners:

• Superior technical capabilities and equipment
• Regulatory standing and familiarity
• Experience and reputation
• Quality assurance and control
• Desired range of services
• Professional, qualified staff
• Attentive, responsive and flexible service


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